Lindsay Lord

Naval Architecture of Planing Hulls


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LINDSAY LORD (1902-1991) was a New England naval architect with a doctor’s degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This book emphasizes the revolutionary scienfic importance of beam-length proportions in naval architecture. Among the features are: Reinforced Plastic Construction, Chine Plus Spray Guard Shape, Built-In and Block Uni-cellular Flotation, Jets as a Propulsive Method for Small Fast Boats, and for Speciau Purpose Use in Woodboats. His expertise was in the field of planing hulls; small craft that skim the water. It was during the American prohibition of alcohol that Professor Lord gained attention when wealthy private clients (the Mafia) commissioned him to do high-speed load carrying boats to run rum from Cuba. His designs were so fast that federal and state law enforcement could not catch them. Prohibition ended but Lord was not forgotten. WWII broke out and the US Navy needed fast load-carrying hulls that could accelerate, maneuver quickly, and maintain speed in various sea conditions. Lord was commissioned as a naval officer and sent to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. He was given unlimited resources to accomplish his mission of designing fast, seaworthy planing hulls for the Navy. Lord began with simple forms known to plane like existing Hawaiian surfboards.