Carlos Trillo

The Iguana


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Format 17 × 24 cm


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Carlos Trillo – Domingo R. Mandrafina. The most feared man in the history of the corrupt police state of La Colonia was the Iguana, an unstoppable assassin of monstrous cruelty, debased appetites, and nearly superhuman abilities. Now, he is seemingly dead, but his foul influence still permeates the landscape, inspiring as much terror and loathing in death as in life. When a beautiful and ambitious American tabloid journalist travels to La Colonia to investigate the Iguana’s apparent death, she herself becomes entangled in his legacy of savage transgressions and perverse desires, and even a Pulitzer Prize may not be able to wipe away the stain on her soul. Written by Cybersix creator Carlos Trillo and illustrated by Roberto Mandrafina, and the sequel to The Big Hoax, The Iguana is a brutal satire, as disturbing as it is sardonic. Not for the faint of heart, THE IGUANA is another essential Venture graphic album, published in collaboration with Strip Art Features, and available for the first time in an English-language edition!