Venice an Architectural Guide

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Romantic holiday destination; beautiful city strangled by tourism; museum to a bygone age – Venice is all these things, and a lot more. This guide is designed to provide an insight into the history of the city and the central role that architecture has played in capturing and reflecting its fortunes. Readers will find not just the show-stopping creations of the city’s heyday, but also the modest and everyday. The book follows the history of Venice from its origins, through the great days of its wealth and into its decadence, fall and longed-for rebirth. And there is a surprising amount of new work: modern interiors tucked behind 15th- century facades, the subtle creations of Pastor and Scarpa, attractive housing on the Giudecca. While some may not stand the test of time, they are a testament to the Venetians’ enduring ambition to forge a future from their extraordinary architectural history. by Edwina Biucchi (Author), Simon Pilling (Author)