Jaakko Hintikka (ed.)

Words and Objections – Essays on W. V. Quine


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Ostali autori: Donald Davidson (ed.) Opis: Hardcover with Dust Jacket, Book Condition Very Good, Dust Jacket torn on edges. Essays on the work of W. V. Quine edited by D. Davidson and J. Hintikka. Revised Edition. It is gratifying to see that philosophers’ continued interest in Words and Objections has been so strong as to motivate a paperback edition. This is gratifying because it vindicates the editors’ belief in the permanent im­ portance of Quine’s philosophy and in the value of the papers com­ menting on it which were collected in our volume. Apart from a couple of small corrections, only one change has been made. The list of Professor Quine’s writings has been brought up to date. The editors cannot claim any credit for this improvement, however. We have not tried to imitate the Library of Living Philosophers volumes and to include Professor Quine’s autobiography in this volume, but we are fortunate to publish here his brand-new auto bibliography.